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Want to maximize the use of your data?
Take your application to the Web.

Put Your Database on the Web

If you have a database and you would like to take it to the next level of usefulness by deploying it on the web for gathering data or delivering timely and accurate information to a group of people then we would like to take this opportunity to get together as we have established expertise in this area.

OffTech can work with you to establish the technical requirements of your project and then quickly build and implement your online application. We can take the pain out of what can be a difficult process and quickly get your data working hard for you.

Putting your database online means:

   Efficient knowledge management;
   Utilising intellectual capital more effectively;
   Maximising your existing IT investments;
   Broader data access to those who need it.





Using web applications we can also empower you to easily manage the content and security (password protection) of your own web site. This allows you to keep your web site content up-to-date and ever-changing without the need for technical expertise.

In other words, OffTech Computing's extensive Internet knowledge can quickly and effectively get you, your customers and your suppliers using the same information and talking the same language.

We can help you streamline your operations, automate your business processes and improve your communications with your customers. You will have much more time to focus on your marketing, sales and production .

Web application development begins with your needs.

The first step is to outline your goals, then create an informal specification that outlines every aspect of your site. We can create a flow chart to show the path a user might take through your site.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure the best possible design. When we understand exactly what your needs are, we can give you a price and start development.

We will create your application site using technology such as; ASP, Javascript, SQL, DHTML and HTML (or whatever it takes). Your site will be placed in a development area of our quality web hosting facility, where you will be able to see your site live as it is being developed , allowing you to provide feedback at any stage.

Sites we create can be updated using a browser and a menu system we design for you. This menu provides you with the capability to make immediate changes to content. You can also update data directly in your database application if desired or a separate application can be custom built for you to your precise needs.

What this translates to is a lower cost of ownership , eliminating your need to learn HTML, ASP, SQL and so on. Your site can be dynamic and change as often as you like, with no extra cost to you .

OffTech Computing has considerable experience in web applications and enabling online databases. If you're ready to take your database online or would like to have an online database application developed from scratch to your specification, then call us now for a free consultation.

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